Local Community activist Hassan Hassan dies

Hassan Hassan’s remarkable life came to an end early on Thursday night, December 23, 2016. Hassan was a passionate, young and emerging community leader who had campaigned to help the Oromo community in Cedar Riverside and the larger community.

Hassan who was a long time resident of Cedar Riverside, 31 years old, died for a sudden cardiac arrest on Thursday evening. He became a passionate activist, speaking out against police and community relations, opportunities for youth, small businesses and supporting seniors/elders in Cedar Riverside.

Most of his work during the 2016 year was advocating the Oromo community in Cedar Riverside neighborhood and he was calling for a better service, opportunities and engagement for his community.

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He  always wanted to be involved and making a difference in his community, neighborhood and the city of Minneapolis. Hassan was lied to rest today by hundreds of family, friends and community members at the Garden of Eden Islamic Cemetery, located in Burnsville MN, Corner of Highway 13 and Portland Avenue.


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