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TusmoTimes.com was created and owned bilingual (Somali and English) news publication in Minnesota, with the grand goal of covering Minnesota in the United States of America in every wonderful local and national detail. Our very possible mission is to give an outlet for neighborhood organizations, nonprofit groups, small business owners, council members, faith, city services, and the Minnesota States at large to share their news.

At TusmoTimes our emphasis is, on Somali Minnesotan’s by providing the most relevant news services available and engaging coverage of local and then national news, arts and entertainment, family life, business. Each and every week we seek to educate, entertain and inform our readers by covering those issues that matter most to our community with authority, vigor, and integrity. Tusmotimes.com, offer up-to-the-minute news that is relevant or perhaps useful to our community. We engage followers and readers on all social channels, tailoring our message to fit the platform

While not everything that happens has a great impact on all people equally, news organizations generally don’t tailor their content materials to a specific individual. This is why many of the stories that are shown on nightly news programs are far-reaching. This means that having access to TusmoTimes.com content can aid a lot in Minnesota and also assist investors to gain better knowledge of what is affecting their investments and allow them to react accordingly.

We do believe that creating opportunities for diverse folks to speak up and write about issues vital to them, via a platform which engages a broad public audience, will help create a strong media environment that truly represents the world we live in. Whether it’s neighborhood’s call for volunteer tree planters or a local blood drive, TusmoTimes.com is here to spread the good news. We invite you to share your stories. You can share your submission on our page; our requirement is that we have a local and national focus.

Our vision and mission is to elevate diverse voices through the media

Having access to current events as well as up-to-date information has value in the modern world because of the everyday changing nature of the entire world. Without regular access tо news, mоѕt реорlе would bе unaware of the vаrіоuѕ еvеntѕ taking рlасе, bоth lосаllу and around the nation, that have an impact on their lives, therefore, TusmoTimes is committed to promoting social, education and access to communication opportunities.

We reach our mission through the collection and dissemination of accurate, fair, inclusive, affordable and open access to trusted culturally appropriate information.

  • We foster partnerships and facilitate collaboration with community, non-profit, government and the private sector.
  • We develop and implement culturally appropriate outreach and awareness media program.
  • TusmoTimes.com is independently operated as a resource for neighborhood information in Minnesota.
  • Tell your friends to take a look at TusmoTimes.com.



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