3 Young Somali Entrepreneurs Launched New Clothing Brands

The grand opening new clothing lines ZiZi and Original Royal Refugee photo Sj Hassan

Young entrepreneurs Balqiis Hersi, Sumaya Ahmed and Mohamed Hersi have launched new apparel brands called ZiZi and Original Royal Refugee. The new clothing lines are totally based on the fast growing need of quality and contemporary fashion of young Somali and Muslim Americans living in Minnesota and United States of America.

According to Balqiis, Sumaya and Mohamed, their clothing line and brands had laid emphasis on the quality aspect of ZiZi and Original Royal Refugee and there is no compromise, they said they only manufacture small number of collections at a time and once they sold them out, that is it.

The grand opening of their store for the new clothing lines was held last night, Friday, December 23rd, 2016. The beautiful ZiZi and Original Royal Refugee products were in a full display in the shop window and on the shelves and rails at ZiZi Boutique in west Lake Street.

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Mohamed who is also a local artist and painter  said this is the realization of a long-held dream. His collections includes a t-shirt collection and a headwear range, sweaters, beautiful black leather jackets. The t-shirt range includes original designs available in different colors. [unitegallery ORR]

Balqiis and Sumaya who are well known in the women clothing business in the Twin Cities told Tusmo Times,  “Our business and products  are all about the fashion needs of our growing customers and we are getting our clients and their creativity involved with our products,”

ZiZi Boutique and Original Royal Refugee’s store and design is a high quality environment that is similar to main stream clothing stores like, Express and H & M Hennes & Mauritz  clothing-retails companies, known for their fast-fashion clothes for men, women, teenagers and children.

While ZiZi offers high end women clothes, they also sell handbags, belts; headwear; jewelry; and sunglasses.  ORR clothing line has a long list of celebrities both Somali and Americans who are already wearing this unique clothing line products.

These 3 young business owners and designers are part of the thriving Somali Americans in Minnesota who are creating small businesses, jobs and new creative ideas. If you would like to see or shop their beautiful products, you can visit their store at 315 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is close to Karmel Mall or call the store phone number 612-315-2149.

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